The Awkward First Post

Every new blog has a first post.  Every first post is awkward.

This blog is basically for me to detail my thoughts about coding.  I’m a professional coder who has been programming both professionally and for fun for the last twenty years (since I was 10 years old).  I’m always learning something new and this blog is about what I’m learning or have learned.

My current language of choice is C#, so that’s what you’ll mostly see on this blog.  However, I am open to learning other languages and may occasionally post my thoughts about them here too.  I am far more interested in concepts and algorithms than I am in language semantics, which makes C# a great choice for this blog.  The advantage of C# is that it does not have too many “gotchas”, that is, things which behave in strange ways.  C++ is a well known example of a language that has all sorts of language quirks that requires specific knowledge to avoid.  C# by contrast is much more about choosing the right way to solve the problem, which is what I’m interested in.

I would love to hear feedback, so drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.